Lalu Excellence Food

Lalu Excellence food

“Since I was a child, and then throughout my professional and personal life, I have never stopped tasting, comparing and choosing the surprising products for me and the people I love, which could satisfy anyone’s sophisticated taste.” – Marialuisa Gavazzeni Trussardi says.

This is the reason why she decided to create LALU (from the nickname the founder was given during her childhood) to present a selection of chocolate confectionery both online and in the most prestigious boutiques to carry on with the habit of giving friends delicacies and novelties to share her love for tasting.

tartufi cioccolato Lalu

There are some rules to be followed, though: devote attention to form in addition to substance, enhance the handmade characteristics of the products, promoting the Made in Italy brand and always following passions and excellence.

Chocolate is the key player in the Truffles line, with its three variations: sweet, white and extra-dark, in the Dragées (milk and extra-dark, whole-almond or whole-hazelnut), in the soft coated Nougatines, in the spreadable Creams (two options: extra-dark chocolate or chocolate and gianduia) and in the Quadrotte (assortment of three: white chocolate with almond and pistachios, dark and gianduia).

Alongside this assortment, a selection of wines and extra-virgin olive oil has been introduced and more to come, with the same common criteria, as Marialuisa explains: “Other delicacies will soon be presented, which I have been considering as they can guarantee what is essential for us: sustainability, ethical products, their packaging and production chain.”


LALU chooses the highest quality raw materials and well-balanced artisanal manufacturing techniques in the excellence of Italian traditions.


Local, natural products, responding to the highest quality standards in full compliance with the production sustainability.


If your eyes are accustomed to beauty, they cannot disregard it. Lalu’s packaging joins the undisputable beauty of black and white together with a linear and modern design and its geometric rigorousness.

Excellence chocolates - made in Italy

It is an Italian Excellence Food brand, born as a reference point when selecting chocolate delicacies from the highest quality raw materials.

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